Research Scientists, Learning Engineering Institute, ASU

The newly formed Learning Engineering Institute (LEI) at Arizona State University (ASU) is currently seeking Research Scientists who are conducting work related to Learning Engineering from various disciplines to join our dynamic, interdisciplinary research team. Learning Engineering is an emerging field in which evidence-based principles and methods from educational technology, learning sciences, engineering, and computer science are used to create engaging, effective learning environments and experiences that support all learners. The LEI team will engage in rigorous, scholarly research across online, hybrid, and emerging modes of teaching and learning in higher education. Key findings will inform continuous, agile improvements in ASU course design and delivery across academic departments and inform knowledge and understanding of learning across multiple contexts. LEI research scientists will work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to improve student learning, motivation, and persistence, and increase equity and inclusion across the university. The research scientist will have the opportunity to work with a variety of extant large datasets (see as well as designing and conducting new research projects in collaboration with our LEI partners.

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The positions are full-time, fiscal-year (12 months), benefits-eligible appointments with no tenure implications, and no teaching responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications

PhD within a discipline that has strong potential to contribute to the process of learning engineering (e.g., learning science, data science, computer science, quantitative psychology, statistics, evaluation, human systems engineering, human factors, data analytics, UX design, instructional design), or related field.